Feature Showcase


Student Curriculum View

Students can browse their curriculum and link through directly to associated resources


Clinical View

Students can tick off learning outcomes by system, make notes against specific conditions, and utilise signposting to review their earlier learning.


Curriculum Explorer

Visually explore specialties and domains in the curriculum to see longitudinal themes throughout the programme.



Students are not only signposted to earlier learning, but also to related conditions and procedures, where they can continue to tick off their progress.


Administration and Maintenance

Sofia is equally user-friendly for those administering the curriculum.


Curriculum Notes and Attachments

Students and administrators can make rich-text notes with attachments against any part of the curriculum. In a separate interface, users can filter their notes and attachments by the specialty, domain, and year of the content the note was made against.


Student Formulary

Sofia's student formulary is structured by system and is comprehensive and easy to navigate.